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How much does it cost to open a ZOOM DRAIN franchise?

On average, ZOOM DRAIN startup costs range from $199,000 to $341,000, according to Item 7 of our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The initial franchise fee is $35,000.

Do I need experience in a related industry to operate a Zoom franchise?

While industry experience is always helpful, it is not required. As we have improved our processes and training over the years, we have made it increasingly possible for experienced entrepreneurs to invest in a ZOOM DRAIN franchise and hire competent managers and technicians to handle the more technical parts of the business.

How can I convert or add to my existing business?

ZOOM DRAIN has two pathways to ownership for industry professionals. One is called a Plus Play, in which an already established contractor specializing in plumbing, HVAC or electrical work can add a ZOOM DRAIN franchise as an additional business. The other is a Pure Play, for converting your existing company to our systems. ZOOM DRAIN’s marketing, sales, financial, operational and technical systems, combined with our experienced leadership and proven strategies, could help you grow your company to the next level of revenue and profitability.

How large will my territory be?

We are interested in granting ZOOM DRAIN franchise territories in large metropolitan areas with a minimum of 500,000 population.

How long does it take to write and implement operations manuals?

It’s taken us decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of dollars to create ZOOM DRAIN’s systems from scratch and get them into the business culture. You can benefit from our experience, and dramatically shorten the process by implementing our systems in a matter of months.

What are the licensing requirements to become a drain tech?

Every state is different, though generally the licensing requirements are less onerous than other trades. That means you may not have to wait so long to move a trained tech to his or her own truck, and they can start serving customers (and making sales) faster.

How do you get drain calls and referrals?

With a comprehensive, systematic Marketing Plan that strategically utilizes eMarketing, branding, direct marketing and acquisition. We’ll show you how to put the plan in action, assess results and revamp that plan to suit your business needs on a regular basis.

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