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Revenue Potential

How much can you earn with a ZOOM DRAIN franchise? The opportunities are tremendous.

One of the great things about owning a ZOOM DRAIN franchise is that it’s an essential service provider. Clogged drains happen no matter what time of day it is, what the weather is, or what’s happening elsewhere in the world. It’s said the only thing certain in life is death and taxes… they forgot to add the need for a working toilet to that list.

During the pandemic, many other businesses and franchises either closed or saw significant loss of business – not ZOOM DRAIN owners! Safety has always been our top priority. In the present COVID world, we adapted our systems to deliver service in a safe and profitable manner to protect our customers and our team. Many of our franchises didn’t skip a beat.

Jason Kim, General Manager of ZOOM DRAIN Long Island, tackled the onset of COVID-19 with an appreciation for our business model. “I think it’s very straightforward. We had the opportunity to keep working. It was nerve-wracking to ask ourselves who was going to want someone in their house during a pandemic. But people needed us. 100% of my team kept working. We never missed a day. There is a huge opportunity for this industry.”

He expressed his gratitude for a steadfast community like ours. “The ability for all of our franchisees to support each other and reach out, there’s an enormous upside. Inside of our ZOOM DRAIN network, there are years of experience that we rely on daily to tackle any problem. Anything we need to know, it’s right here. How can we do better than that? We can’t! Especially owning a growing business. I cannot overestimate the value of having a good group of people who can give you this type of insight and experience.”

Since March 2020, ZOOM DRAIN franchise owners have seen month-over-month growth. And, March of 2021 was the best month ever for almost 90% of them.

“Now, we have the benefit of all the years of experience with these systems and manuals – which are pandemic-tested and pandemic-proof.” Jason summarizes.

If you’re looking to build a successful business that is resilient through economic hard times and future challenges, owning a ZOOM DRAIN franchise may be just the opportunity you’re searching for. Let’s find out. To schedule an appointment with our Franchise Representative, click here.