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Revenue Potential

How much franchise revenue can you earn with ZOOM DRAIN? The opportunities are tremendous.

While we do not have an Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document and cannot make any earnings claims, we can tell you that our largest franchise, in Philadelphia, generated double-digit profit margins in 2019.

We can also reveal our revenue goals for our franchisees: $500,000 to $700,000 in the first year, and $1 million to $1.3 million by the second year.

Seattle-area franchise owner Kimberly Kean already owned a plumbing and heating business with her business partner when they joined ZOOM DRAIN in 2018.

Kean and her business partner, Dennis Hamon, run a plumbing and heating company in Seattle. They knew they could grow their business by tapping into the lucrative drain and sewer cleaning service segment, but it was challenging.

“There was probably a half-million dollars just sitting inside our plumbing company that we weren’t really taking advantage of because we weren’t set up to do it. The plumbers at the end of the day were tired and didn’t want to do a main line call, and we just didn’t have designated staff to do things,” Kean says.

ZOOM DRAIN changed all that. They bought a franchise and opened it while maintaining their original company, in fall 2018.

“We knew that in order to grow the business, we would really need to put a lot of infrastructure in place. We knew that the structure that a franchise would provide would help us grow faster. And if the information was already there, the model is there, we thought it’d be more exciting to grow that business than to write all that paperwork.”

Their first year in business far exceeded their expectations, revenue-wise.

“All of the Zoom techs are so much better trained,” Kean says. “They provide a better service. Our plumbers are thrilled usually to hand off the call… We thought it might be this way, but we weren’t sure until we saw it for ourselves.”

Former attorney sees franchise revenue potential

Pamela Belyn, who opened her ZOOM DRAIN franchise in 2020 in the Chicago area, has a long family history of home services. Her grandfather was a handyman and her father was a plumber, so she’s had more than a familiarity with this industry. She is a former corporate attorney who already owned her own plumbing services company, Men in Sewers, when she joined ZOOM DRAIN.

She has long known about the tremendous financial potential within the sewer and drain industry, and knew ZOOM DRAIN was her best option once she started looking into what our franchise opportunity had to offer.

“I think that this is an overlooked industry,” she says. “It’s something that people are going to need regardless of the economy. Everybody wants to be able to flush their toilet when they want to flush their toilet. So the calls are going to come regardless of the economy.

“ZOOM DRAIN has set itself apart in the industry by being clean, being well-stocked and trained, because a lot of times you’ll call somebody and it’s just like one dude with the van, who may or not have insurance, who may not have been background checked, who may or may not know what he’s doing. There’s no license for this. It is a very fragmented industry and you never know what you’re going to get when you make that call. I think Zoom, with their reputation, with their constant training, and with the branding that they’ve done, kind of eliminates those worries for a business owner or for a homeowner who needs their services.”

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