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Training and Support

With our comprehensive training and treasure trove of manuals based on decades of experience, you simply won’t find better franchise support

ZOOM DRAIN is still a young franchise organization, and while we’ve leveraged our leadership team’s decades of experience to craft exceptional training manuals and provide expert support, we’re also still a small enough organization to be shoulder-to-shoulder with our franchisees. That creates huge advantages.

“Imagine being with McDonald’s at the beginning,” says Ellen Rohr, co-founder and COO. “Imagine being one of the first 20 franchisees. We don’t even have a franchisee advisory council yet because I can get all of my franchisees in a room and talk to them.”

That means our franchise support has an intimate touch. It means you can get Ellen or President Jim Criniti on the phone anytime you need them. It means that everyone literally knows everyone else in this company.

“That makes it a particularly good time to get involved,” Rohr says. “We’re still at the beginning.”

Our hope, Criniti says, is to grow to 50 franchises by 2025. And by joining us now, you’ll have the opportunity to help us continue to evolve and shape our franchise support and training systems.

Better together

You have the opportunity to not just benefit from our proven systems created from the ground up, but also to have a voice in how our company is run. We have a hashtag, which is #bettertogether. We believe in promoting diversity in terms of talent, personality and expertise. We want you to bring your strengths to the table, and we want you to feel like part of the team. Know that as a team, we’re going to organize and handle the areas of your business where you need help.

“For instance, you might not have ever written your manuals,” says President Ellen Rohr. “We’ve spent years writing ours. So that’s what we bring to the table. What you as a franchisee get to bring are your ideas for creating community and exploring social media, and other areas that you might be an expert at. That makes us better together. We’re learning from each other.”

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