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Franchisee Testimonials

What it’s like to own a ZOOM DRAIN franchise, in their own words

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The last thing that I thought I wanted was to join a franchise. I’d heard the stories. I snuck into ZOOM DRAIN’s trade show booth only to see the new service truck they created. And what I found out was they’d created way more than just a truck. They have a system for everything, from creating service calls to training and developing technicians. And I was blown away by their leadership.”

— JaNae Knighton, Kaysville, Utah (Pictured above)

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I’ve owned and operated a super successful plumbing company on Long Island, New York, for years. One challenge was always needing experienced licensed plumbers. What I wanted is the ability to take willing people and provide the skills they needed so I could have a business that was scalable, repeatable and that I could grow as big as I want and could even have the potential option to sell it someday. That’s why I was so intrigued with ZOOM DRAIN when I first heard about it and then saw it operate for myself. It’s also why I became the first franchisee. If you want the same things, a ZOOM DRAIN franchise is what you need.”

— Ray Gremaux, Long Island, New York

ZOOM DRAIN franchisee David Melms is pictured

Becoming a ZOOM DRAIN franchise was our opportunity to take all the great skills we had in the industry and combine them with proven systems. ZOOM DRAIN has a system for everything, from planning and operations manuals to recruiting and technician training programs to marketing and sales processes, and more. We can get down to making money faster because we don’t have to try to create all of this from scratch.

— David Melms, Jersey City, New Jersey

ZOOM DRAIN franchisee Brad Campbell

After we went to ZOOM DRAIN’s Discovery Day, we saw first-hand what our business could become. Systems, a better way of recruiting, a better way to train technicians. But frankly, above all, we saw freedom. The chance to build a business that could run without us being there almost every second of the day.

— Brad Campbell, W. Deptford, New Jersey

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The moment I knew my father and I had made the right decision to open a ZOOM DRAIN franchise was about eight or nine months in, looking at the books. We were already profitable. And our sales had already increased over what my father’s business, Pine State Services, had originally done. That’s kind of when I knew what we were doing was going to work, and we just had to keep up with everyone else and stay with the training and stay with the marketing that they were coming out with.

— Sam Marcisso III, Westbrook, Maine